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1986 ...

As my other plane, I built a multi-channel "combat" with an angular body and cover ala F6F - Helcat. I liked the fact the teeth in the mouth to open the engine cover. Model looked very well and seemed mainly flew very well. The picture does have broken cover on the wing, but it was repaired and flown away.


 Wildcat :

 - Typ : my construction from balsa

  - Wing Span : 800 mm

  - Profil : balsa ribs with paper

  - Take off : fly from hand

  - Engine : MVVS 1,5D RC





With this model I passed easily several dozen flights. He operated aileron and elevator, MVVS 1,5 D I made with RC carburetor, so i went to control gas. The RC Kombat, which I proposed this model, but it never happened. We were at that time still "ripe" to be met in the air with multiple models simultaneously.

Notable was my next model in the picture below. Martin proven hull type, but all parts and wing I made ​​from polystyrene foam, coated paper. The first model, which I tried with "the RC loop". It was on the field at Ctěnice. Unfortunately, I flip through ignorance and inexperience in the field finished. But ... I could not find him!! I got quite into the wine press of time, because, as I remember, I drove a few hours with train to school. I had traveled to Moravia and the connection was only in the afternoon and then went to train at night. Fortunately, it turned out well, with the help of mom and dad, I found the model. (Sorry for farmers trampled crops).


 Acro - RC :

 - Typ : all balsa model with foam wing

  - Wing Span : 800 mm

  - Profil : acrobatic

  - Take off : fly from hand , withoud gear

  - Engine : MK 17D - amateuristic RC carb.





It is worth noting and transmitter on the left side of the model. I built it together with my dad. I did the drivers and cabinet, then dad electronics inside.

Next model in my list of good flying models must be black - white Spurt. It was a model with a fiberglass hull, polystyrene wing. The engine was already with more content ... MVVS 2,5 D and exhaust with custom design.


  Spurt :

  - Typ : speed model with fiberglass body

  - Wing Span : around 1000 mm

  - Profil : almost symetrical

  - Engine : diessel

  - Capacity : 2,5 ccm .. D - MVVS





Spurt was my first model of management which I almost always sweat. It took the aerodynamic shape, a good profile and was incredibly fast. Due to the high speed and landing without landing gear, landing was not anything simple. But he was quite well built, well-painted, so it could also quite nice look.

But given that model makeing is a hobby, it must be flying in and relax a bit. Milan took a picture of me in one of my relaxing respite



Relax :

  - Typ : wooden handcart

  - Wing Span : around 1500 mm

  - Profil : as modelers need

  - Engine : one or two modelers

  - Capacity : how much they eat :-))




Another machine with which heaven Brázdil Milan, was a model glider called Aramis. It was back design, which he invented himself Milan. The machine was balsa, with the design wing and flew well. Coloring in red and natural varnished balsa suited him.



  Aramis :

  - Typ : balsa model with paper cover .. colored

  - Wing Span :2000 mm

  - Profil : semi symmetrical

  - Take off : with bungee rope or towing






A little nostalgic sigh ... I used to pick up on Saturday morning, models, radio, tool box and went with the guys on the field. On foot, it was about a mile. We had a car and yet I spent every free time modelařině. On foot, by bicycle, just as they could. And as you can see from the photos, I had at that time, 100 kg net weight as I am today. I can not imagine much that would anyone do that today (2012) in our hectic-paced time.

So , back to modeling ... flying with models.


  - My friend Oskar "Ota" Budský ... hanging a model

  - His dad Franta Budský

  - My cousin Milan Škaloud ... with chaps

  - The flight zone at the road junction Vinoř-Počernice







In the photo are friends Budsky of Zizkov. With Oscar I took frienship to college in Uherské Hradiště. Although I was a "freshman" and he "quarter", but it did not matter. Oto , it was his nickname and his dad are super guys. They were good engineers. They made their own molds for fiberglass hulls (at that time was not possible to come to the store model and simply buy what you wanted). My first fiberglass hull and the glider was obviously MADE BY Budsky. And flew again excellent, but still get it.


1988 ...

My cousin Milan also in their pattern shops, and here it is idle to show his power RC PONY.


 RC Pony :

 - Typ : all balsa with paper covered wing

  - Wing Span : 1220 mm

  - Profil : balsa ribs with cover

  - Take off : fly from hand

  - Engine : MVVS 3,5 RC

  - Channels : 3 - engine, roll , pitch






Model Pony was like my Sputr, very fast. It was aerodynamically very clean and it did not chassis it hamper anything when flying. He had but a little smaller than the area load spurt, so landing approach took place at a lower speed. Milan model sprayed red - yellow and the model was so very nice and attractive.

The model I used spurt engine model containing 2.5 cc, then Milan Pony 3.5 cc. Motůrek containing 2.5 cc is shown below. Little by little we began to move away of 1 cc and 1.5 cc. It was our "starting" content motors and I think that even so little content on our toes could well "sign". Propeller kicked us, an expression when you blow into the propeller finger. Sometimes we have to cut his propeller, but nothing could stop as :-))


  MVVS 2,5 D :

  - Typ : Diessel model motors

  - From : Czech firm MVVS - Brno

  - Fuel : diessel .. mex from eter - petrolum - rycin oil

  - Capacity : 2,5 ccm






  Asterix :

  - Typ : all balsa glider

  - Wing Span : 1980 mm

  - Profil : semi symetrical for gliders

  - Take off : towing or bungee irope

  - Color : red - yellow with colored paper

  - Body : wooden strip with paper cover











It's been a long time, but the picture reminded me of my license plate in Model: OK 01-1610. Asterix was a very successful model. It was a kit made ​​by Model and I had him as I and my cousin. We even went with them to competitions and fly RC V2. No wonder we never did get the location. Compared with the "profi" of some competitors were Asterix"wooden strips model", but sometimes even a little zadařilo. Asterix was light weight model and I remember how the Milan "lifted" in a round of about thirty meters. Grab thermals and finally dialed to about 500 meters. It deserves applause ... At the bottom, black and white image is probably the only shot when my Asterix and Milan's next to him. This photo proves that we had each his own.

I've never been in their pattern shops born racer. Several competitions, mostly RC V2 (glider) I have included, but without much success. Just once, I think positively, I was eleven and fifty of the final flight of escaped me by one place. Progressed ten pilots ... damage.

1989 ...

I was always more of a design engineer and pilot. I liked to draw maps of models, devising various non-standard methods and types. The picture below is the start of my QB-20H model. It's worth noting, because the model I had hinged on the first hook and defends gas after take-off to idle mode, the hook slid and was ready to land ... the letadlovku :-)) We is stretched across the road intercepting wire, like on an aircraft carrier. Several attempts have been completed in the "gutter", but then began to flourish and actually followed the landing system ala aircraft carrier landings.



 Take off from carrier - road without cars :

  - Typ : QB-20H , model from Japan

  - Wing Span : 1500 mm

  - Profil : acrobatic , symetrical

  - Engine : Webra 3,5 ccm .. after that MVVS 3,5 RC

  - Undercarriage : three wheels



From our flying I even have video on 8mm black and white film, so I try to upload it to YouTube and put a link here :


Well, well ... managed and the first YouTube video on my website. Sorry about the quality, but 8 mm black / white film, copied to the camcorder and then transferred to a PC ... It has few data on the altar was made on-line monitoring.

Another picture is one of the best flying structures. Parasol was a model. The design plan prepared by a small Modeler magazine. The model had a very interesting profile of the wing from the designer name Jedelski. It was actually a modified Clark Y with extended rear trailing edge. The profile was very arched up and flying with this model was fabulous. With two-wheel landing gear was without any problems takeoff and landing speed was about "slow walk". The model I had in the winter and ski properties takeoff - landing is still improved.


   Parasol : engined top wing model

  - Wing Span : 1800 mm

  - Profil : Jedelsky , very slow and cool

  - Engine : MVVS 3,5 RC

  - Undercarriage : two wheels

  - Wing : polystyren with two struts

  - Fuselage : all balsa maded... maket pilot head








The model had a total of two accidents in one with a big damage, but I corrected him and got him to this day (2012)!