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... How it all began, before I " put my wings."

Another chapter in the life of most aircraft modelers is real flying. Was no exception even me.In this part of my site, I would like to outline some of my experiences, architectural experiments, but also something of his own flying. I'm trying to write this site and slightly humorous literary form and therefore I will try to continue this here.

... Mig-21 pounding on the runway. Huge thrust pushing me into the seat. Slightly attract a control lever, and I raise from the ground plane toward the blue sky. After reaching a specified height I push stick to the side. Mig scrolls through the wing and carried a drawn-out roll. Checking if the ailerons and rudder move correctly. Machine before, and nowhere the slightest mistake. Subsidies to the axis of the track, pulling gas, flaps went out and landing gear down. Far above the marker beeps, then flashes neighbor below me. Already, already the wheels touching the runway, when I hear in the headphones: "So young, sit and go home." Dad lifted my from Mig-21 cockpit, which stands in the hangar. Ground power supply is off and we go home from my father`s work , where I was visiting. Meanwhile, what a hangar smell coffee, I carried the elements of high flying silver Mig ... Of course, only in his imagination. That I was about six years old - young boy.

year of our Lord 1990 ...

All human activities are beginning in several different ways. It is either chaotic system development attempt - a mistake, thoughtful and slightly adjusted the rise, or precisely planned development activities. Right from the beginning I must admit that in my early days of air are combined all these activities into one. Unfortunately, it was, but I hope it no longer is hi, hi.

Cursed word "know how" in Czech translation usually reads "vedet jak", in the times of the Comanche and after this time gained and gains differently. In my early days of aviation activities, I did just look around experienced pilots. In the introduction to this chapter can not forget air beginnings "post-revolutionary" ultralight flyings. Today I know that it was not always "kosher" to violate a lot, but it was beautiful in its own way. I would Shrul few words that you think best describe this activity: " FREEDOM, friendship, common purpose ".


The closest to my home and within range of the my bicycle (at that time one of the main means of transport) was the commons, a former small strip of grass, which a lot of guys used as an their airport. I drove there, either alone, or also with cousin Milan, watch how they do it "profesionals". The head was already clear ... Flying has been my lifelong horse. At this time it was still collecting information and investigating money for my dream.

lib2 lib4

The picture on the left is easy to see that as a viewer I had never been alone. Flying was dark after the Communist era unprecedented thing. Therefore, as well as attractive for both pilots and spectators. Arriving on Saturday morning at the airport, unpack the trailer or the car roof of its aircraft, build it and fly freely heights. Just ballad not only on paper but in real life! That I had at that time met with a lot of handy mechanics and pilots not to mention. At that time, moreover, did not rule out such activities, and vice versa, each pilot was great and drives (the ones that have not, I will not mention). And saving money.


The picture on the left is a Czech version of the U.S. ultralight machine named "Quick Silver".That plane had pilot Mr.Michalovich. Right then super cut, owned and ridden by Mr. Tomasek. The fuselage had written the name Kami, but was generally dubbed " kamikaze ". I do not know today, how and who invented the nickname, but it just was. ( Yes, this is the Mr.Petr Tomasek, who have in his plane engine built Tatra - I think). His machine always drove the car in disassembled state because it had the Březiněves very close. His plane was the plane with a big L. Nice concept, Trabant engine push the head down position. Simply fantastic piece. Perhaps not angry, I write about it, but it has the beginnings of ultralight flying legend in Bohemia. Together with the unfortunately deceased Jindra Karlovsky. Let him our light air sky. I have wonderful memories too, I have learned from him. It was a MR.pilot !



But shall terminate the activities of the observation of others and let's go back to my work. I have acquired experience "fit to paper" and began to build. Meanwhile, I saved the money bought glider that my brother tried to put into motion. Since it is not anywhere near Prague suitable hill, we started making the first hops in the field. We have a parachute harness and pulling on the rope as it had with dragon. It was a good times ...

pad pad2

Sometimes, when it blow well, we actually floated with a parachute. Thus, as is the next photo, where bro already "flies". I do not know if I can now call it pretentious word flying ... but for us at that time was big flying.


I remember how mom rode with me on the north-east of Prague, and there to support me in my attempts to fly. There was such mamelon, practice lawn and gentle slope. There I have no real help for start-up flew, or rather slid down.

But because this substance was paraglider equipment and I had a lot to slide, I decided to drive. So I started to form a parachute "tricycle." I got the material in steel firm, I modified the engine of Trabuko car (Trabant made ​​in old comunist DDR - two stroke engine). After some time I bought investigation magneto to the engine to run without a battery. Where who chased him for agricultural cooperatives, because this type of magnetos used in Russian heavy work machine (named the suspect Kateko).

I will put here some photos scanned, of which I built my machine. Thanks to my dad, who is photographed me at the time ...

let5 let6 let6

The first photo shows from left to concisely in terms of what I had built a tricycle. I was in the laundry hand drill, saw and a pair of nail files. And most importantly ... young "megapower" and taste go for it! The picture on the right is the finished, folded tricycle for "motor test". The engine operates without the smallest bugs, tank not flowed.

motThe facial expression in the photo you can read everything. Joy, enthusiasm and energy.

Tricycle worked perfectly.

Shock was made of fire extinguisher, seat my mom sewed a green canvas. I then got the wheels from the cart. It was made of plastic and as it turned out, was not the best choice. Due to its soft plastic and a small fort in the future broke.








The breaks of my architectural and design activities, we sometimes "surprise jump" in the hill of north of Czech namend Rana.


  - Rana ( District of Louny ):

One of the most beautiful hills of the Czech Central, his visit is an unforgettable experience. Although its altitude 457.2 m not far from the greats, protrudes from the flat to a very strong peak. Together with the neighboring hill dress is a major landscape feature of the city Loun, from which is located 6 km to the northwest.

Bare and steep slopes Early attract not only tourists and natural scientists as far-sighted, but especially fans of all types of non-motorized aircraft, for which is just a cult place.

Early is unlike most neighboring conical hills (Oblík, Srdov, Brník, Mila, Cross tops) close, almost 1 km long ridge elongated shape with three peaks. Yet when viewed from the southwest or northeast Early silhouette reflected by the steep slopes as a typical symmetrical cone.( ).

letr str

It was enough at that time to look out the window when it was pretty windy and a little from the correct direction, I called my friends and I went to. Early on, we unpacked parachutes, learning is lifted from the ground and control them. We always took a few steps, then bit into the saddle and tried to glide down the hill. From the beginning it was not good, but the procedure we have honed and when we were a bit blown, he called the yield stress almost flight. Early in the country probably is not the only ground for paragliding, but I to her I have a personal relationship. As in the first experiments with parachutes and flying with the models. Yeah, yeah ... This was a beautiful beginnings.


mamWhen the tricycle run in blowing it went contrary to the field to try "what it can do."

It was impossible to say it again flying. At first I tried to backtrack, lift and control the parachute from the ground.

The picture on the left is my mom that me in my attempts often accompanied me and cheering. Dad, who had more experience than me with my mom together for me too afraid to look, and never was. When I'm discussing it back, nor is it little wonder. But who could we stop at that time? Development time or did not wait and who "stood for a moment, standing nearby."

This is true today as before.





... Ready to take off ...

I replaced my Mom in the seat, cast engine and stepped on the gas pedal. Hindsight checking the fulfillment of the parachute and its location