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2012.10.07 ... MIP ( Main Instrument Panel )

I started working on the preparation of materials for the MIP dashboard for my simulator. I can`t make it as a home-made with saw and rasper. I suppose I can cut holes with a friend on a CNC milling machine. When measuring board 1500x530mm estimated to be larger cutter.

Several visual materials I post here now ...

The first picture is the prime beginning work. Black lines should be engraved, then red erupted through such holes.


Another image shows the location of the preview panel monitors. Medium LCD monitor is 19 "with a ratio of 4:3. On this screen image is projected motor apparatus. To fit into an assembly original floorboards, the monitor must be physically rotated 90 ° from the normal position.


Left and right are the LCD monitor 19 ", but with an aspect ratio of 16:9. EADI display and EHSI ... simple just the course pointer and associated values).

I would like to in connection with the placement of the left and right screen to point out that some builders confuse deployment screens. From left to right is displaying the following: EADI - EHSI - Motor data - EHSI - EADI.


How does the instrument panel mock test coverage monitors is well illustrated in the following picture. Despite diverting TripleHead2Go box image is divided views looking out on three monitors. In the future I would like to get three HD TV / monitors that are now appearing on the market. English they are called "frameless" ... is almost imperceptible to the frame, or can not at all. Monitors can then be pressed almost to himself and the image frame is divided as here.


The last test appearance, pictured below with disabled monitors. Bottom of the screen with the " calculators " are just like the printed version. The design and manufacture witing for me in the future ...



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