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Flight simulators either on computer or in real life I deal with since childhood.


The first flight simulator in a real place many years ago, during my military service, when I first sat down to "PCK - pilot training carrier" MiG-21F.

This simulator was the fix base, formerly simply stay put.

Movement imitated map, which is shifted by an endless belt under the TV camera. The resulting image was then transferred - screened the pilot's field of view on the screen.

This method of visualization but had its drawbacks.

- View could only limited space before and after the runway.

- Sometimes it happened that the repeated passage was missing a house. Just fallen from the treadmill.

- Shortly after takeoff had to go to instrument flight on the screen was shown a still picture of clouds.

Yet the image of the landing at that time very good and the illusion of flight was almost perfect. I have flown with many types of exercises, cabins, but transfer images from landscape model using closed-circuit television I ranked in terms of simulation fidelity to one of the front seats.

Let's return to the most popular simulators of today and to fly on home computers.

One of the most successful games to air theme is a series of IL2-Sturmovik. Whether offline (without internet) or online, I've experienced with this great air combat game.

Here are some pictures from this game, the two pictures are from the original packaging games.



The bottom picture was beautiful to see graphic design maturity, here specifically FockeWulf Fw190.



If you move directly to the present day, when I write these pages, the best simulators on the PC is certainly ranks

R.O.F. in other words, Rise Of Flight.

This is a simulation of the air World War, when white billowing scarves and duels were the norm.

rof1 rof2 rof3

The last time I was flying a virtual total war and tired of my head idea to implement civilian simulator.

The selection is narrowed, the first idea wandered around the Z-142, L-39 and B-737th

Being won by Boeing 737 for now ... but is very long way to



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